Great Neck Events Calendar

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Thank you for visiting the the Community Calendar which has been established to cultivate greater cooperation among our community synagogues and yeshivot and to ensure that smachot remain communal celebrations of our important life milestones.    
Families from ALL schools and synagogues in and around Great Neck are welcome and encouraged to place their events on the Community Calendar.  Please note that this calendar was originally established by the North Shore Hebrew Academy PTA and, as a representative of the NSHA PTA, the calendar Administrator only manages NSHA conflicts.  If you are experiencing a conflict within a different school or synagogue community, please contact your school administration or synagogue leadership directly.
How the Community Calendar Works:
1) Search for the date that you would like to book
2) If you would like to add an event to the calendar, email the Administrator at  You must include the following information:
          - Date of event including day, month and year
          - Celebrant's first and last name (ex- child's name for Bar/Bat Mitzva)
          - Type of celebration (ex - layning, party, wedding etc.)
          - Parent's first and last name and contact information including email and phone number

3) Below are the established rules for the Community Calendar:
          - Dates are booked by first come, first served 
          - You may not book a party on the same day as another child in the same grade of the same school
          -  You may book a Parasha laying on the same day as another child in the same grade/school the children are layning in different synagogues
          -  You must also book a layning or event with your own synagogue.  The Community Calendar is separate from synagogue registries.  
          -  You may not hold more than one date for a layning and you may not hold more than one date for a party.
          -  It is your responsibility to confirm that your event does not conflict with any Jewish holidays or blackout periods (ex - Sefirat Ha'Omer)